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UW-Extension offers twist on a pantry staple: Garlic Ginger Ramen with Beef

Ramen noodles are a quick and easy way to fix yourself a meal. However, this easy lunch or dinner can get boring time after time. This week, UW-Extension has taken a twist on the pantry staple and provided a way to make ramen noodles nutritious, filling and delicious. “Ramen noodles are pretty ubiquitous at pantries […]

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UW-Extension’s Authentic Black Beans with Epazote recipe will warm you up this fall

As fall approaches, it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and try a new recipe. UW-Extension of Racine County shares with the Racine County Eye an authentic Mexican dish to try. Black Beans with Epazote will certainly warm you up this fall and satisfy your stomach! As the temperature drops, try it […]

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Canned pulled pork recipe from UW-Extension: 30 minutes until delicious

Are you struggling with what to make for dinner? Perhaps you know what you want but you are finding it difficult to make recipes given certain food shortages. How about sinking your teeth into mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches? Jillian Frideres, FoodWIse Nutrition Educator of Racine/Kenosha notes that various food pantries and community partners have identified […]

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UW-Extension’s 5-minute fruit smoothie makes for a sweet summer treat

This week, UW-Extension is helping community members stay on track with healthy eating, while not spending a ton of time in the kitchen, with a frozen fruit smoothie. Increase your efficiency in the kitchen and at the grocery store by checking out what they have to offer. Looking for another recipe? Check out last week’s Avocado, […]

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UW-Extension encourages healthy eating and eliminating food waste, offers free in-article recipe

Are you tired of eating the same thing for dinner each week? Perhaps you feel that when you are cleaning out the refrigerator, you’re tossing out untouched food. These are problems that community members are facing. UW-Extension is working to provide families with options to utilize what they have. And with food and gas prices […]

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