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Racine extends curfew starting Tuesday night, ending Wednesday

RACINE, WI – Amidst protests — peaceful and violent — over the death of George Floyd, the city is taking extra precautions and will again institute a curfew. Over the last 48 hours, some protesters started the COP House on Villa Street on fire and burglarized 11 different businesses. But there have also been peaceful […]

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Protests continue, but Monday afternoon they ended peacefully

Photos by Scott Anderson RACINE, WI — Unlike Sunday night, a protest held at 1 p.m. Monday did not end in violence. A group of nearly 200 demonstrators gathered at the Racine County Courthouse, outside the Racine Police Station and Monument Square Monday afternoon. Demonstrators kneeled in front of the police department as they […]

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Protesters confront police in front of police department, set COP house on fire

RACINE, WI – The COP House, 1146 Villa Street, was set on fire by protesters at about 2 a.m. Monday following a confrontation with police, according to Racine Police Chief Art Howell. By 2:36 a.m., the fire had been put out, according to preliminary reports. The night didn’t start out violent. A small crowd […]

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