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Racine County Presidential Recount Wraps Up, Trump Still Won

As the final numbers were tallied in the presidential recount in Racine County, the end result for the presidential election remained: Republican Donald Trump bested Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to a story by the Journal Times. President-elect Donald Trump won the election on Nov. 8 in Racine County by 4,100 votes against Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8. […]

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Letter to the Editor: Trump Supporter Violence Not OK, Either

**This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mary McIlvaine. Responding to Dave Kristopeit’s November 11, 2016 letter to the editor in the Racine Journal Times, I wonder if Kristopeit also extends his vitriol of “Lock them up. Throw away the key.” to perpetrators of violence inspired by Trump’s campaign and election, or only reserves […]

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Sturtevant Voters Choose Republican Candidates

Village of Sturtevant residents overwhelmingly voted for Republican candidates Tuesday, giving Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Robin Vos and Tricia Hanson decidedly more votes than their Democratic opponents. Village Administrator/Clerk Mary Cole recorded 2,725 voters out of more than 3,175 total registered voters, putting turnout there at 85 percent. Here’s how it shook out there: President […]

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BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Visiting Racine Monday

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton will visit Racine Monday to stump for her mother, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Chelsea will speak at 1:45p.m. at Living Light Community Center, 740 College Avenue, to rally area Democrats and tout the availability of early voting. The Clinton campaign made the announcement on Hillary Clinton’s website. RSVP is required to […]

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Notes from the DNC: Local Chair Proud to Nominate 1st Female Presidential Candidate

**Editor’s Note: Racine County Democratic Party Chair Meg Andrietsch reported from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA. The last day of the Democratic National Convention started at 730am with breakfast, where we heard from several speakers including Congressman Keith Ellison, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Then we went to Caucus […]

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Notes from the DNC: Local Party Chair Inspired by Biden, Obama

**Editor’s Note: Democratic Party of Racine County Chair Meg Andrietsch is reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Philadephia, PA. The second night of the Democratic National Convention was the roll call night.  We had nominations for President of the United States.  US Senator Barbara Mikulski nominated Hillary Clinton, and Congressman John Lewis was one of […]

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Notes from the DNC: Local Chair Talks About 1st Night

**Editor’s Note: Racine County Democratic Party Chair Meg Andrietsch is at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She offered to provide dispatches from the event. The Democratic National Convention is meeting this week in Philadelphia. The Wisconsin Delegation has 96 members, representing all areas of the state and both candidates. We are sharing our hotel […]

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Feingold Highlights Wisconsin GOP Rift Over Trump

Russ Feingold, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, rubbed a little salt into the wound of the Wisconsin Republican Party, which has been trying to get its membership to unify around Donald Trump as their nominee.. Feingold spoke at Wilson’s Coffee & Tea in Racine on Thursday. About 100 people gathered at the coffee shop to listen to […]