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855 students in Racine Unified were homeless in the 2021-22 school year, here’s why

This story is the first in a year-long series, called Unlocking Racine, about housing instability in Racine. RACINE, Wis. — Brandy Tillman, an EMT with a private medical transport service and mother of four children, stood in a Racine County courtroom in July, hoping to explain her way out of being evicted. But that didn’t […]

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Schools must help homeless students. Here’s what you should know.

This story was produced as part of a collaboration with the Center for Public Integrity, The Seattle Times, Street Sense Media and WAMU/DCist. When is a student considered homeless? The definition of homelessness among K-12 students is laid out in the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, a federal law that details the help public schools must […]

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BlankFest Wisconsin Resumes at McAuliffe’s Pub Dec. 10-12

Anyone that has been to McAuliffe’s Pub, 3700 Meachem Rd., knows how well the patrons know each other; “newbies” quickly become friends. The pub has always fostered a real sense of community. And the owner, JJ McAuliffe, is heavily involved in the community. Even if you haven’t seen him around, he’s the backbone behind the […]

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Restoration Ministries: Rebuilding Lives in Racine

Kelly Scroggins-Powell founded Restoration Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with the motivation to assist people in need. Through this ministry, they rebuild lives by providing support services. The organization was established in 2006. Scroggins-Powell lived in Indiana when the organization was first created. However, when moving back to Racine, she brought Restoration Ministries with her. […]

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Our Top Most Read Stories From Last Week

You were busy, we were busy. So let’s get you caught up on the news from this week. Here are the top most read stories from the week. And if you have a news tip, call us at (262) 504-9570.    

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Homeless Count Set For July 27

Sponsored by the Continuum of Care for the city and Racine County, a bi-annual count of people who are homeless on the street will be held July 27 and through July 28. During the count, volunteer and social service providers searh for and survey people living on the streets. “Though it only represents a snapshot […]

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Decision On Hospitality Center Permit Deferred

After hours of hearing public comment that was overwhelmingly for the Hospitality Center to keep operating as is, the Racine Plan Commission voted 4 to 0 to defer a decision on expanding its conditional use permit. City plan commission members met Wednesday to hear recommendations from city staffers to confirm the Hospitality Center’s conditional use permit as […]

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Letter To The Editor: Homeless Assistance Leadership NEEDED FOR ALL

The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization  (HALO) was created over 10 years ago to prevent chronic homelessness in Racine County by meeting shelter needs, coordinating supportive services and providing community leadership. In March of this year, the Continuum of Care released data showing that during this past winter, over half of both the male beds, and […]

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Reasons for Homelessness as Varied as the Individuals

Several people spoke Monday at the second community meeting about homelessness in Racine, and the reasons they experienced being homeless were as varied as the individuals. A man named Jones said he was incarcerated and when he was released, he didn’t have anywhere to go so he ended up at HALO (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization). […]

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Homeless Man Exposes Genitals To Children In Park

After a homeless man urinated in a park and exposed himself to children, a number of parents prevented him from leaving, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office. Charles Brooks, 60, a homeless man, was charged for lewd and lascivious behavior, and disorderly conduct. During an initial hearing held Wednesday, […]

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Dickert, Hargrove Talk Hospitality Center, Homeless Solutions

**Editor’s Note: After the Hospitality Center last week ceased overnight emergency shelter, Racine County Eye heard from residents asking where the candidates for mayor of the City of Racine stand on the issue of homelessness in general and what the city’s role could be in finding a long-term solution for overnight emergency shelter. Both incumbent […]

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