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The Purposeful Parent: A family plan for digital devices-‘Screen Smarts’

I am a digital immigrant.  I do my best to fit in and access the many benefits of the fast paced, ever changing technological world.  However, teenagers and tweens find the sound of my digital talk to be hilarious! Evidently I have a crazy accent! I’m not alone. Parents approximately 35 years and older will […]

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The Purposeful Parent: Let Whatever You Don’t Want For Your Children Be A Non Issue

This delightful quote comes from best selling author and international speaker Esther Hicks, and it applies to adults as well as children. Let whatever you don’t want in life be a non-issue! How very liberating, right? So very simple and yet so very powerful! When we look at raising our children from this perspective parenting […]

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The Purposeful Parent: Psychologically Based Myth Busting for Parents

Myth #3—  Parents should reward children for good behavior. False. Punishment and rewards are simply opposite sides of the same coin.  Both are forms of manipulation and both are responsible for teaching children that control lies somewhere outside of us rather than within.   —Much like punishment, rewards can give the appearance of changing behavior for […]

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