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Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, Mount Pleasant’s Lakeside COP House Create Kindergarten Readiness Program

With a $23,600 grant from SC Johnson, Mount Pleasant’s Lakeside Community Oriented Policing (COP) House expanded the successful Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room program for kids ages 3 to 5. “Bookworms”, the kindergarten readiness program which began the enrollment process in January, was added to strengthen educational performance. The original “Novel” program for school-aged children will […]

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Polzin Park Dedication, COP Open House in Mount Pleasant Neighborhood

The sounds of children laughing, running and playing have been ringing through the Lakeside neighborhood since Polzin Park was completed earlier this year. Listening to the sounds of childhood echoing down the street is music to Paula Wells Huck’s ears. “Hearing the kids laughing and shouting about going to the park is pure happiness!” she told Racine […]