Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, Mount Pleasant’s Lakeside COP House Create Kindergarten Readiness Program

With a $23,600 grant from SC Johnson, Mount Pleasant’s Lakeside Community Oriented Policing (COP) House expanded the successful Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room program for kids ages 3 to 5. “Bookworms”, the kindergarten readiness program which began the enrollment process in January, was added to strengthen educational performance. The original “Novel” program for school-aged children will […]

2016 Lakeside Bike Parade Puts on a Show

Kids of all ages – big and small, short and tall – put on a show Monday night during the Lakeside bike parade. Adult volunteers gathered at the Mount Pleasant Police Department’s Lakeside COP house near 23rd and Mead streets to help neighborhood children decorate their bikes with streamers, boas, flags, ribbons, pinwheels and more. Then, […]

3rd Annual Lakeside Clean-Up May 14

Residents of the Lakeside neighborhood and volunteers from throughout the community will take to the streets and alleys of the area to clean it up a bit. This is the third year of the clean-up. MPPD and Zoe Outreach Ministries are partnering this year to help neighbors continue making a difference in Lakeside by picking up […]