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Letter to the Editor: UWP Graduates Reflect the Best of Our Region

By UW-Parkside Chancellor Ford Just one year ago, if you had told me that the next TWO University of Wisconsin-Parkside commencement ceremonies would be virtual because of a global pandemic – well, I would have found that difficult to believe. 2020 has been a year filled with change, adversity, and loss. Yet through it all, […]

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Retirees to Sen. Johnson: Focus on Wisconsin’s Needs, Not Conspiracy Theories

Statement from Gary Mitchell, President of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, regarding the decision of Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson to convene a hearing on Wednesday, December 16 about “Irregularities in the 2020 Election”: Senator Johnson needs to get his priorities in order and do his job for the […]

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Letter to the Editor: Religious Leaders Call for Respect of Democratic Norms

The Racine and Kenosha Quaker Fellowship, a religious organization long associated with peace and community, unequivocally supports the right of the people to freely and fairly choose the leadership of our beloved country.  We consider Trump’s refusal to accept election loss or to commit to a peaceful transfer of power to be a direct threat […]

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Letter to the Editor: It’s Not If, But When Local Colleges Will Switch to Remote Learning

At the moment, both of our local residential colleges are pursuing optimistic plans that involve students living on campus and taking some classes in person this fall. Under ideal circumstances, this would be a sound plan, but these are not ideal circumstances, and many are wondering if UW-Parkside and Carthage College will make the move […]

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Letter to the Editor: The complexities of reforming the City of Racine’s law enforcement agencies

Although I agree that some officers of the Racine Police Department undoubtedly need to undergo resocialization training as it pertains to their dealings with the city’s Black population, I think it is imperative that the training is facilitated by local specialists. Let me be clear from the start, this applies to officers of all races […]

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A Mouthpiece for the Silent: How Ida B. Wells’ Crusade for Justice was the Blueprint for Black Lives Matter

I recently saw an advertisement for a PBS special celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary of women’s suffrage. In the commercial, was a photo of Ida B. Wells, a journalist who during her lifetime chronicled the extreme racial violence and lynching that was perpetrated by whites against African American communities. After seeing the commercial, I was prompted […]

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Letter to the Editor: Principles of Democracy

Today’s America challenges us to question how we Americans are doing as citizens of the United States of America. In order to better understand our democracy and what it stands for I present the “Principles of Democracy”. Citizen participationEquality.Political tolerance.Accountability.Transparency.Regular free and fair elections.Economic freedom.Control of the abuse of power.Bill of Rights.Accepting the results of […]