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Support local journalism and nonprofits: Join ‘The Big Give’ by Racine County Eye

We are excited to invite you to participate in “The Big Give,” a pivotal fundraising event by Racine County Eye designed to nurture local journalism and aid nonprofit organizations in our community. Understanding the need for fundraising In an era where local journalism faces unprecedented challenges, from dwindling revenues to increased competition, fundraisers like “The […]

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Investing in journalism: a valuable contribution to the welfare of our community

Local journalism is an unwavering pillar for community well-being in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. It informs us, unites us, and most importantly, holds power to account. Yet, the future of local journalism is increasingly precarious, endangered by dwindling revenues and a saturated digital market. That’s why the Racine County Eye has formed an essential […]

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TMJ4 announces Unlocking Racine multimedia project addressing the housing crisis

Unlocking Racine is a multimedia project that will address the housing crisis in Racine County. This year-long project will launch starting in September. Through the work of storytelling, art projects, reporting, and photography, Racine County Eye hopes to unlock solutions to problems that face community members. We are proud to be partnering with TMJ4 News […]