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PED Allegations Problematic for Packers

Last December Al Jazeera released a documentary called The Dark Side: The Secrets of Sports Dopers that linked several NFL players to performance enhancing drugs. The most popular player in the report, Peyton Manning, was recently cleared of any wrongdoing by the NFL. This should be somewhat comforting to Green Bay Packers fans because Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers were […]

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Green Bay Packers: Too Soon to Sound the Alarm

John Feinstein’s ‘A Season on the Brink’ is a terrific chronicle of the 1985-86 Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team. The book  gives a fascinating portrayal of head coach Bobby Knight, who occasionally displays the same anxiety as sports fans. Knight – when his team was mired in a slump – would frequently ask “will we ever win another game?” After […]

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Welcome Back, Favre

Brett Favre’s made the unlikely transformation from Wisconsin sports hero to persona non grata after he succeeded in his efforts to join the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. Looking back, this was a truly bizarre saga that’s hard to believe ever happened. Fortunately the saga is officially over and Favre is back to being a revered legend, but until recently it […]