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2020 NFL Draft Order: 16 Best Players That Can Shine In The First-Round Picks

The excitement for the 2020 NFL mock draft seems to fill the senses of every football fan, despite the fact that most sporting events in the United States are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The draft picks happening will allow every college football player to enter the National Football League. The mock draft for […]

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Welcome Back, Favre

Brett Favre’s made the unlikely transformation from Wisconsin sports hero to persona non grata after he succeeded in his efforts to join the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. Looking back, this was a truly bizarre saga that’s hard to believe ever happened. Fortunately the saga is officially over and Favre is back to being a revered legend, but until recently it […]

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Chris Borland’s Retirement: A Sign of Things to Come for the NFL?

It’s obvious to everyone who’s watched an NFL game that football is an incredibly violent sport. Yet somehow it was not until the past few years that the long-term physical consequences of being an NFL player became well known. On Monday former Wisconsin Badger great Chris Borland decided the risk of significant brain damage was too great and announced his […]