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Can you bet on Fantasy Football?

If you live in or around Racine County, you know how huge sports are to people in Wisconsin. While basketball and baseball both attract a loyal following, it is likely football which is the most popular. Much of this comes down to the top NFL team, the Green Bay Packers being present in the state. […]

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2020 NFL Draft Order: 16 Best Players That Can Shine In The First-Round Picks

The excitement for the 2020 NFL mock draft seems to fill the senses of every football fan, despite the fact that most sporting events in the United States are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The draft picks happening will allow every college football player to enter the National Football League. The mock draft for […]

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NFL Betting: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Bet In Football Games

The newest season of the National Football League (NFL) tournament is coming soon this September. With the dangers still brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL organizers have to strictly implement new rules to secure the health and safety of the players. That said, the seeding process is cut short, and there were only 33 […]

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The Big Ten Tournament Belongs in the Midwest

The Big Ten men’s basketball tournaments kicks off – pardon me, “tips off” – Wednesday with Penn State playing Nebraska. What’s unique about this year’s tournament is its location. Since its inception in 1998 the Big Ten tournament has been played in either Chicago or Indianapolis, but this year it will take place in Washington, D.C. Lest […]

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Packers Are Who We Thought They Were

The Green Bay Packers entered the regular season finale with a chance to win their fifth consecutive NFC North Championship. All that stood in their way were the Minnesota Vikings; a team they dominated earlier this season. Unfortunately the Packers are nowhere near as good as those division-winning squads, a fact painfully on display during Sunday […]

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Green Bay Packers Offense Has No Quick Fix

The first column I wrote for the Racine County Eye praised Mike McCarthy’s decision to surrender play calling duties for the Green Bay Packers. After the Packers struggled on Sunday to score points against the 1-7 Detroit Lions (a.k.a worst scoring defense in the NFL) I began to wonder if McCarthy should resume calling the plays. But McCarthy […]

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It’s Packers-Bears Week!

The NFL off-season is never a fun time for Packers fans, especially when it beings thanks to a game you’d rather forget. But after eight months of stewing about what could have been, the Packers will begin their quest for redemption as they take the field on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. The general consensus among people not […]

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Welcome Back, Favre

Brett Favre’s made the unlikely transformation from Wisconsin sports hero to persona non grata after he succeeded in his efforts to join the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. Looking back, this was a truly bizarre saga that’s hard to believe ever happened. Fortunately the saga is officially over and Favre is back to being a revered legend, but until recently it […]

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Chris Borland’s Retirement: A Sign of Things to Come for the NFL?

It’s obvious to everyone who’s watched an NFL game that football is an incredibly violent sport. Yet somehow it was not until the past few years that the long-term physical consequences of being an NFL player became well known. On Monday former Wisconsin Badger great Chris Borland decided the risk of significant brain damage was too great and announced his […]

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