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Racine Remembers: The 1888 Bohemian Schoolhouse

Written by: Dick Ammann Coming to Racine County because of the area’s agricultural potential, the Bohemians (from an area now know as the Czech Republic) mostly settled between Five Mile and Seven Mile Roads.  As time passed, the group felt the need to build churches, meeting halls and schools to keep their heritage alive.  The […]

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Racine Remembers: The Case Company

Innovative Beginnings The foundations of the Case Corporation were laid when Jerome I. Case relocated in 1842 from Oswego County, in western New York State, to Rochester in Wisconsin Territory. Wisconsin would not become a state for another six years. He selected Rochester because it had been heralded as the center of new and wonderful wheat country. At the […]

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Racine Remembers: Reform Tradition

Important discoveries don’t always come down the main highway.  Such is the case with the discovery of the story of three generations of Racine women: Amy Davis Winship, Elizabeth Davis Wooster, and Marguerite Davis.  Their story, and their connection to the current of late nineteenth/early twentieth-century reform movements emerged out of research into the scrapbook and […]