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OPINION: Teaching the truth is always best

OPINION – There is a debate rising in our society, relating to the teaching of American history in our schools. A movement is afoot in school districts, state legislatures, and more to curtail or outright ban the teaching of episodes of U.S. History in which racism caused suffering, displacement, or death to groups of people. […]

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KCDHS updates committee members on efforts to combat systemic racism in Kenosha County

Protestors, activists and those generally impassioned by the death of George Floyd earlier in the year and the shooting of Jacob Blake locally in August have been a common feature of County Board meetings in 2020, highlighting the need to address systemic racism in Kenosha County. File photo by Daniel Thompson/The Uptown Observer. KENOSHA COUNTY […]

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Observer Conversations: Organizers of new panel series explain importance of hard discussions

The first “Building Hope” panel discussion will focus on activism. This photo was taken by The Uptown Observer Founder and Editor-in-Chief Daniel Thompson at the Christopher Columbus statue in the city during a protest over the summer. KENOSHA ⸺ The Kenosha County Dems and Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families are partnering for a panel series, […]

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Race in Racine: Singled out with guns drawn Racine was named the second-worst place for black people to live, but some in Racine don’t believe racism exists here. That’s why we started the Race in Racine podcast. Racism — whether overt or covert — is such a complex problem that people have become blind to it. So in this very first episode […]

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Hate groups make a comeback in Wisconsin

By Shereen Siewert WISCONSIN – As racially-charged protests and speeches continue to sweep across Wisconsin and the country, there is increasing evidence that hate groups are on the rise. Government and advocacy organizations say hate groups are nothing new, but white nationalism has seen particular resonance in recent weeks and months. Earlier this month in […]

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Tackling racism in Racine with dialogue, education

Racism in Racine is real. And while the topic is uncomfortable for many, residents from the greater Racine area were ready to have the conversation. About 200 people took on the task of talking about the difficult issue of race and inequality in Racine, which included challenging their own personal bias and learning about systemic […]

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Opinion: Show Time in Suburbia!

The insidious and infectious nature of racism showed its despicable head at a recent basketball game between Racine Horlick and Franklin high schools. It seems that some of the kids of the white supremacist persuasion took it upon themselves to hurl racist insults at the black players from Racine. It has been my experience that […]

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Carl Fields

“Racism was powerful for me because I didn’t know what it was…” Carl Fields, 38, moved to Racine from Chicago when he was eight years old. He went from being in an all-black school to a mostly white school. This presented its share of trouble because he always felt like was treated as “an other.” […]

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