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New Laptops 1st Technology Purchase After Referendum

Students across the Racine Unified School District will have use of 5,000 new laptops, one of the first purchases using funds from the $128 million referendum approved in November. “This will be the first purchase with referendum funds to address the dire and critical need in our schools to provide our students with technology,” said […]

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Do You Want Your Village to Explore an Independent School District?

Leaders in the villages of Caledonia and Sturtevant are planning to place an advisory referendum on the April ballot asking voters if board members should explore organizing an independent school district. Trustees will use the results of the referendum vote in each village to decide whether or not to move forward with separating from Racine Unified […]

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Referendum Could Pay Out for New School District

Now that the $128 million Racine Unified referendum has been approved, separating from the District might prove a little less financially daunting to those leading the charge for an independent Caledonia school district. Brian Dey, chief organizer for a new school district, told Racine County Eye after the Nov. 4 election that the referendum’s approval […]

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After Referendum ‘No,’ Citizens Asked for Input

Sturtevant residents are invited to the village committee meeting Tuesday to participate in a discussion on how trustees should proceed after voters last week turned down a funding referendum for parks and the annual fireworks. Unlike at a board meeting, citizens during a committee meeting can participate in the discussion of agenda items. The Parks, Recreation […]

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Caledonia Gives Nods To Walker, Ryan, Wanggaard; Says ‘No’ to Referendum

Caledonia residents helped give Gov. Scott Walker another four years leading Wisconsin, threw their support behind Rep. Paul Ryan, sent Van Wanggaard back to the state senate and helped Brad Schimel become the next state Attorney General. Village voters resoundingly defeated the Racine Unified referendum, but whether or not it ultimately passes remained to be seen as […]

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Sturtevant Sides with Walker, Against Referendums

Residents in Sturtevant overwhelmingly supported Republican candidates in the election Tuesday but they went against extra funding for parks and schools. Total turn out in Sturtevant was about 71 percent, well above the 56 percent statewide predicted by the Government Accountability Board. The village has 3,205 registered voters, and 2,264 ballots were cast, including 200 […]

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Getting to the Bottom of the Racine Unified ‘Surplus’

Residents leading the charge for an independent Caledonia school district have alleged Racine Unified has a budget surplus of tens of millions of dollars, and they want to know why the district is asking for a multi-million dollar referendum. The allegations have appeared in comments on Racine County Eye stories and Facebook posts, so we decided […]

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With or Without Referendum, Racine Unified Budget Approved

Members of the Racine Unified Board of Education Tuesday approved two budgets that lower taxes with and without voters’ approval of the referendum. In 2014, all Racine Unified property owners paid $9.96 per $1,000 of assessed value. Should the referendum go through, those same taxpayers would see a tax bill of $9.59 per $1,000 and […]

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Parents, Residents Asked to Join School Advisory Committees

Whether or not the Racine Unified referendum is approved next week, district residents are being asked to join one of two advisory committees tasked with improving schools. Racine Unified Superintendent Lolli Haws told Mount Pleasant trustees earlier this month during a presentation that the Technology Advisory Council and the Facilities Advisory Council will oversee projects in […]

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Walden Students Request Town Hall About Referendum

When high school students at Walden III have questions about a particular topic, they find an authority to provide answers and hold a town-hall type meeting during their regularly scheduled home group time where everyone can participate. A few weeks ago, Walden Principal Robert Kreil suggested students contact Racine Unified administration about attending a town hall […]

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