Village of Sturtevant to Repurchase Land

The New Year has brought about a new transaction involving the Village Board and developers for a property in Sturtevant, according to a story in the Journal Times. The Village Board purchased a property in Renaissance Business Park that was sold to Dr. Marc Kennedy and his wife, Dr. Debbie Kennedy, back in December 2017. […]

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Grand Appliance and TV Announces Relocation To Sturtevant

Grand Appliance and TV will move its headquarters from Zion, Illinois and operations in New Berlin to Sturtevant. The company, which employees 300 people, operates 20 retail locations in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. It plans to build an $8 million, 137,000 square-foot facility, which will serve as its corporate headquarters and distribution facility. The facility will […]

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Sturtevant Hosting Celebration for TID Closing, Lower Taxes

The Village of Sturtevant is throwing a party to celebrate the closing of the village’s highly successful tax incremental financing district that could mean lower tax rates for nearly every property owner in eastern Racine County. Scheduled for Sept. 27 at Fountain Banquet Hall, 8505 Durand Avenue, the celebration will include check presentations to representatives […]

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Trustees Talking Bombardier Tax Incentives, New Development

Sturtevant trustees during a special board meeting Tuesday are expected to approve a package of financial incentives for Bombardier that will allow the company to expand internally, adding new equipment and new jobs. BRP is located in the Renaissance Business Park which is part of Sturtevant’s highly successful tax incremental financing district (TIF) that village […]

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Bombardier Seeking Incentives for Expansion, New Jobs

Members of the Sturtevant Community Development Authority Tuesday will consider a request from BRP (Bombardier) for economic incentives for an internal expansion that will add new jobs. Village President Steve Jansen confirmed for Racine County Eye that BRP is reorganizing a portion of their Sturtevant headquarters to accommodate additional work stations and employees but it […]

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Sturtevant TIF Closing, Property Tax Relief Expected

When Sturtevant’s tax incremental financing district closes next year, property owners throughout the village will feel the relief in 2017. There will be a presentation Tuesday about the steps involved with closing the current TIF district and where the village could establish another one to keep Sturtevant on a forward development trajectory. Primarily comprised of […]

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Trustees Talk Future Development Districts

Sturtevant might be a small village, but they have big development plans to help keep their community attractive to present and future residents. Trustees and members of the Community Development Authority talked Tuesday about how Sturtevant can continue as premier place to live, work and play after their tax incremental financing (TIF) district – which […]

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Leman USA Expansion Approved, New Jobs Early Next Year

New jobs are on the horizon in Sturtevant at Leman USA thanks to a larger expansion than originally planned. Trustees and members of the Community Development Authority Tuesday approved a developer’s agreement with Leman for an addition totaling 99,100 square feet at an expected investment of $7.1 million. Original plans put the expansion at about […]

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Sturtevant Talking TID Closure, Lower Property Taxes

**Editor’s note: We mistakenly identified the company expanding as Lehman Bakery when it’s really Leman, USA. We have made the correction and regret the error. Sturtevant trustees and members of the village Community Development Authority will meet Tuesday during a joint meeting to discuss closing their tax incremental financing district (TIF) and the Lehman Bakery […]

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TIF Moves Residents Closer to Tax Relief

Sturtevant taxpayers can expect good news in the next couple of years when the village’s tax incremental financing district closes. Trustees approved Wednesday paying off a series of bonds from 2007, which moves the village another step toward closing their TIF district and moving commercial and industrial properties there to the regular property tax rolls. […]

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