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Elderly man doused with gas, beaten, in restraining order violation; grandson facing over 12 years prison

RACINE — A 22-year-old Racine man faces a felony charge after a restraining order violation where he allegedly doused a relative with gasoline and threatened to set him on fire. Prajit P. Patel is charged with a felony count of physical abuse of an elderly person and misdemeanor disorderly conduct after his arrest earlier this […]

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Restraining order violation could send Racine woman to jail

RACINE — A Racine woman could spend almost a year in jail because she allegedly violated a restraining order against her. Christina Higa, 60, was charged Wednesday in Racine County Circuit Court with a single misdemeanor count of violating a harassment restraining order. If convicted, she faces up to nine months in jail or $10,000 […]

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Man claims restraining order against police: flees traffic stop, jumps out windows to evade capture

RACINE – A Racine man with a warrant for his arrest was taken into custody Tuesday after he tried to flee a traffic stop during which he told officers he has a restraining order against the Caledonia Police Department. David Juarez was scheduled to be charged Tuesday in Racine County Circuit Court with one felony […]

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Man Charged with Stalking Ex by Hiring Private Investigator

Racine police say a 55-year-old man is behind bars after he knowingly violated an order of protection by hiring a private investigator to follow his ex. Racine County Eye is not naming the man to protect the identity of the woman in this case. The man was scheduled Monday to face a single felony count of stalking, […]

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Restraining Order Filed Against Racine Unified to Prevent Records Release

Newly elected Board of Education member Michelle Duchow has filed a restraining order against Racine Unified to prevent the release of her personnel records to The Journal Times. According to the injunction filed March 30 in Racine County Circuit Court, the district received an open records request for “any employment files related to Michelle Duchow, […]

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Wife Hiding with Friends Weeks Before Husband Allegedly Killed Her

The woman killed in Mount Pleasant Wednesday had apparently been hiding from her husband at a friend’s house for weeks before her death. Mount Pleasant police Sgt. Eric Relich told reporters Thursday afternoon that the woman, 36, and her husband, 38, had only been married for a few months when she filed a restraining order […]

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