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Maintain Muscles With These Active Aging Tips

Our bodies have over 600 muscles that control a multitude of vital functions – from providing stability and posture, and helping us walk and run, to carrying groceries, brushing our teeth, and smiling – our muscles do it all! Involuntary muscles, like the heart, perform critical operations such as pumping blood throughout our bodies, pushing […]

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Exercise Your Way: 5 Apps for Working Out Virtually Anywhere

Staying at home means transitioning activities away from public spaces and into your living room – and exercising is no exception. Adding a consistent workout routine to your day will give you more energy, strengthen your balance, and keep your mind engaged. With so many options for online workouts, you’ll find plenty of activities to […]

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Keep the Flavor and Lower the Calories: Best Low-Cal Alcoholic Drinks

Choosing wellness and eating in a mindful, healthy way are great goals that often make it hard to incorporate our favorite treats, like an occasional alcoholic beverage! Liquid calories from a couple of cocktails can add up quickly, but fortunately, there are easy ways to choose lower-calorie options. In general, one serving (5oz wine, 1.5oz […]

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Find Your Focus: 6 Reasons to Start Meditation

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as people from all stages of life discover the many varied benefits of consistent meditation practice. Aimed at sharpening your mind’s focus and enjoying the present, meditation can be good for your mind, body, and soul. Through practice, you’ll learn how to gently guide your mind away from distracting thoughts, […]

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Everyday Mindfulness: 5 Practices That Will Rejuvenate Your Daily Routine

Mindfulness is a concept that many wellness practices incorporate, and for good reason – if you’re living mindfully, you’re actively aware, without judgment, of your current mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. This awareness ultimately leads to a more purposeful and focused life. If you’re ready to start down this path, here are five simple ways […]

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Meet Your Health Goals with These Simple Ingredient Replacements

Making small changes toward eating healthier can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. Choosing foods that provide essential nutrients and are low in fats can help prevent heart disease, improve brain function, assist with weight loss, increase energy, and ward off illness. Keep in mind that it’s often easier and more […]