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After receiving tens of millions from federal government for internet upgrades, big telecom companies ask state for millions more

by Peter Cameron, The Badger ProjectApril 4, 2022 Local companies and co-ops have done more for rural Wisconsin, experts say A map from the Wisconsin PSC documenting all the requests for broadband expansion grants in the current round. BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project Big telecommunications companies including Frontier and AT&T are asking the state […]

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Better ways to do elections are out there, critics say. Other countries use them. Why not here?

March 21, 2022 BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project Elections are supposed to be the mechanism voters use to choose their political representatives. But increasingly, it’s the elected leaders who choose the voters. Changes could be made to prevent this. Gerrymandering — the manipulation of political district boundaries by the political party that controls state […]

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Legislature quietly and unanimously enact legislation intended to improve policing hiring transparency, reduce bad apples

BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project With little fanfare and no opposition, a bill proponents hope will cut down on bad apples in law enforcement passed the legislature and was signed by the governor way back in November. The law requires law enforcement agencies maintain a work history file for each employee and creates a […]

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UW volleyball coach Sheffield earned $100k bonus for winning national championship

by The Badger Project, The Badger ProjectJanuary 18, 2022 UW volleyball coach Kelly Sheffield huddles with his players at the national title game on December 18, 2021 in Columbus, Ohio. Photo credit: Taylor Wolfram. BY NATHAN DENZIN, The Badger Project Winning a national championship is a dream come true — but for UW coaches, it’s […]

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Ten checks the state of Wisconsin uses to catch voter fraud

BY HOWARD HARDEE, FOR THE BADGER PROJECT Since Election Day, no evidence of widespread voter fraud has emerged in Wisconsin — or any other state. But politicians, propagandists, and social media influencers have sought to undermine the results of the presidential election in Wisconsin before and after Nov. 3. With President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration set […]

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The Biggest Donors to Wisconsin Political Parties in 2020

BY MOLLY LIEBERGALL, THE BADGER PROJECT A loophole in Wisconsin campaign finance law allows individuals to make unlimited donations to political parties, and also allows political parties to make unlimited donations to candidates. If an individual wants to donate directly to a candidate, there are limits based on state and federal law. But not if […]