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State driver licenses and IDs are the most common forms of identification to show at the polls

Wisconsin driver licenses or IDs are the most common form of identification used for voting purposes. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) encourages voters to check and be sure that they have the proper identification needed to vote in this month’s primary (February 16). A federally compliant REAL ID card is not […]

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DMV offers information on obtaining an ID to vote in the February Spring Primary

The Wisconsin 2021 Spring Primary is weeks away and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) wants to be sure people know how to obtain identification, free of charge, that is valid for voting. Valid identification for voting purposes include a driver license, identification card, military or student ID card, etc. There […]

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Ten checks the state of Wisconsin uses to catch voter fraud

BY HOWARD HARDEE, FOR THE BADGER PROJECT Since Election Day, no evidence of widespread voter fraud has emerged in Wisconsin — or any other state. But politicians, propagandists, and social media influencers have sought to undermine the results of the presidential election in Wisconsin before and after Nov. 3. With President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration set […]

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DMV explains steps to obtain an ID to vote

Most Wisconsin voters already have some form of ID needed to vote, including a Wisconsin driver license or ID. There is no separate “voter ID” and a federally-compliant REAL ID card is not required for voting purposes. The Wisconsin Elections Commission provides a list of acceptable options to bring to the polls on its website, […]

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Wisconsin GOP leaders made it harder to vote, especially for Black residents

By Claire Campbell and Laura Schultz Wisconsin Watch Melody McCurtis and Danell Cross start their day early on a recent sunny Sunday morning, going door to door in their neighborhood northwest of downtown Milwaukee. Leaders of the nonprofit Metcalfe Park Community Bridges, the mother and daughter make their way slowly along the route wearing masks […]

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Countdown to November’s General Election: Wisconsin DMVs ready to provide identification

With less than one month left until the November General Election, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is ready to provide identification needed to vote by expanding online services and bolstering locations. Most people already have a driver’s license or ID card, or other forms of acceptable identification, to show at […]

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Voting? There’s still time to get your Wisconsin ID

RACINE COUNTY – Voters in next Tuesday’s Wisconsin Partisan Primary, who don’t have a Wisconsin driver license or other forms of identification to show at the polls, can still get a Wisconsin ID from the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) But, you’ll have to hurry. Check out our voter guide. Gather the required documents, […]

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Wisconsin erected barriers to college voters, the pandemic added more

On the day of the Wisconsin spring primary in February, Peter German was determined to vote. In between strained breaths, German — a freshman from West Bend attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison — said he had been running from building to building in an attempt to cast his ballot. “I haven’t missed an election yet,” […]

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Don’t delay! Make sure you have a valid ID for upcoming election

With the Wisconsin 2018 fall election just weeks away, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles reminds the public on how to obtain identification that is valid for voting. The identification documents are free to obtain. Most Wisconsin residents already have valid identification for voting purposes. Those can be a driver license, identification […]

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Take Our Poll: Should Early Voting be Uniform or Unique to the Community?

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos plans to once again introduce legislation that will limit early voting, he says, to make availability more uniform across the state. U.S. District Court Judge James Peterson last July struck down a number of provisions of the state’s voter ID laws, including restrictions on limited hours and locations for early voting, […]