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Kyle McCleod is an English teacher from Horlick High School, and he is taking a stand against the thousands of books being removed from school libraries across the district. He says the books are being destroyed unnecessarily and the “weeding” of books in these quantities harms district students.

District spokesperson Stacy Tapp told WTMJ 4 News that misinformation might be fueling some of the backlash.

“I think there’s some misinformation out there,” Tapp told the news station. “We’re hoping to meet with folks going forward to see what the biggest concerns are.”

She also said the books can be replaced with librarians leading the efforts.

“Each year we get common school funding. That goes directly to the libraries. The librarians can choose to replace books,” she is quoted as saying.

4 replies on “Teacher to School Board: Book Weeding ‘Destructive and Regressive’”

  1. Tip of the hat to Kyle McLeod and all of those resisting this purge. I too am a Case High alum and like Kyle I too read many books in the Case library that were not “part of the curriculum.” I can only open those in power see the errors of their short sightedness and reverse this policy: “old” or “worn out” books should not be purged, instead, more students should be encouraged to read them, think about them, and discuss them. Keep up the good fight Kyle.

  2. Who called for this ridiculous ‘weeding’ of the books? Who????? We need to know that. And then we need to know HOW and WHY it was done–in SECRET and without the aid of the librarians. We deserve to know this—we need to know about the secrecy. And we need to stop this from happening again!

  3. Thank you for the support. I would like to make it known that resisting this purge is a collaborative effort by many teachers, librarians, members of the REA, and students. Many others have spoken out, and I’m proud of all the work being done by these people to protect our community’s resources.

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