An artist can make a canvas come alive. Now, The Color of Arden takes place in Racine. Thyla Arden, a South African born artist, allows her cultural views to influence her creativity. She uses acrylic paint and textured mediums. To illustrate, she designs using online programs.

Women in Headdress by The Color of Arden Credit: Thyla Arden

Women in Headdresses

“Women in Headdresses” expresses the diversity of the world. Wisely, Thyla elaborates with a vibrant color pallet.

For example, aspects of African, European, and Mediterranean elements speak about her heritage. The Color of Arden focuses on bringing light to different views. Likewise, Arden uses art to have conversations about cultural acceptance.

Additionally, acrylic paint is used to create the masterpieces. Watercolor balances the acrylic paints. Each creation has a color scheme. You can expect to see varieties of this work by Thyla.

Gold Leaf

Thyla is a environmental advocate. The Color of Arden uses a technique called “Gold Leaf” to make her artwork stand out. Thus, the technique elaborates species she draws. The use of these thin metal sheets layovers and adds dimension to the work.

Now, The Color of Arden uses Gold Leaf to create the geometric patterns. As a company, she is continuing to grow. Racine has become her new home. With the expansion of her company, she’s eager to share her quest for diversity.

The Color of Arden masterpiece using gold leafing technique.

Thyla’s Touch

In fact, Thyla actively involves herself in the community. Her first design became a mural in Uptown Racine. Visit “Dreamer” on Ann Street. This piece is a representation of Thyla’s roots in Racine. The Color of Arden hosts galleries at The Branch at 1501.

Specifically, in 2020, The Color of Arden won “The Arts Award” from The Heritage Committee of Racine. “The vision of The Heritage Committee of Racine is to celebrate contributions to the betterment of our community.”

She’s making her mark despite hardships as an artist. Participation in “Art in the Yard” at Mocha Lisa Coffee House was helpful to expose this local artist to the community. She was selling art there this past July. In conclusion, because of COVID-19, the company isn’t active in galleries.

Connect with the Company

The Color of Arden commissions pieces and has a gallery for you to explore. She enjoys collaborating with other artists. For up to date information follow her Instagram account @thecolorofarden. If you are interested in viewing the art store, click here.

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