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For a full look at what local nonprofits are up to, check out our nonprofit community feed here.

Here’s a snapshot of the things you’ll find among our local nonprofits:

  • November is National Family Caregivers Month. Known as the “invisible workforce,” caregivers are constantly on the job without much recognition or thanks. According to AARP, 64% of caregivers find the job of caring for a loved one is “emotionally stressful.” Take a moment to read up on the realities of daily caregiving from Family Caregiver Alliance’s website and visit the Senior Companion Program, Inc. on Facebook below.
  • Stop into the Racine Art Museum for a cultural experience interwoven amongst the current exhibits. Find local artists, 2- and 3-D designs, ceramics, beadwork and much more.
  • Fight to End Exploitation is working to make a better world in many ways. Giving to the Nations also is doing their part. Do you or someone you know need hygiene products? Check out this giveaway and then ask yourself what you can do to help make the world a better place.
  • Have you heard about the Siena Retreat Center? Not only do they inspire us with lovely quotes and sayings like this one, but they also are home to dozens of retreats that are sure to instill goodness for your inner self. Visit their website today to discover current retreat opportunities.