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Chelsey Knuth is the Wisconsinista. Travel with passion and an open mind. – Credit: Chelsey Knuth

Chelsey Knuth is the “Wisconsinista.” She began using this monicker after starting a Wisconsin travel blog documenting her adventures throughout her home state.

Her interest in the midwest travel industry came from her love for the outdoors and passion for her home state. Now she’s on a mission to share that joy with state residents and others looking to explore. She prides herself in “being a resource for all scale of travel.”

With a following of just over 13,000 people on Instagram, a debut on Discover Wisconsin’s podcast and countless other features, Knuth is fearlessly committed to sharing the ins and outs of Wisconsin – and the Midwest – with others.

Childhood Adventures Shape Knuth

Although Knuth is a Milwaukee resident, she takes every opportunity to explore other parts of the state any chance she gets. Growing up in Mequon, this avid adventurer had the privilege of growing up along the Milwaukee River. During her childhood, this allowed her to waterski on the river and go on to become involved in the ski show industry.

Her family embraces travel and spending time outdoors. Like a lot of Wisconsinites, Knuth has fond memories of going up north. The thrill of snowmobiling compels Knuth to participate each winter in Wisconsin. Whether she was on a boat, exploring a trail, or out on the ice, Knuth had a knack for Wisconsin even at a young age.

Knuth realized that not everyone has had the privileges that she’s had in her life. From her realization came the desire to help others discover the adventures that are right in their own backyards. Shortly after graduating in 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she started building her brand. Her goal in mind was simple: to serve others with resources in and around Wisconsin.

Traveling on all scales

Knuth is fully transparent online with her followers about her experiences at various restaurants, different lodging experiences and places she’s visited. She takes full advantage of her weekends and encourages others to do the same.

Traveling on all scales, whether large or small, is an idea that she promotes. This philosophy encourages Wisconsinites to explore locally. In addition, she doesn’t shy away from big trips and wants others to make the most of what is available to them.

If you are new to traveling or unsure of where to start, Knuth encourages the following tips:

  • Stay open-minded
  • Start local
  • Do your research
  • Embrace everything
  • Look at everything as an adventure
A visit to Cedarburg, just north of Milwaukee. – Credit: Chelsey Knuth

Exploring in Racine County

The state of Wisconsin is full of places to explore. With that being said, Racine County is teeming with adventures to be had. Knuth’s favorite photo-op is the Wind Point Lighthouse and says that Richard Bong Recreational State Area is definitely a park worth hiking.

Knuth had the opportunity for a small-scale adventure last year. She was able to attend the 2021 Liqui Moly Pro Watercross National Championship Tour when it came to North Beach.

Watercross is understood best by thinking motocross on jetskis. This exciting sport features a closed course, where riders reach up to 90 mph, and a freestyle portion where these professional athletes perform acrobatic feats in two-minute routines, just like in the Olympics.

If you’ve never seen anything like it, they will be back at North Beach on July 23 and 24, 2022.

The avid waterskier herself, Chelsey Knuth, doing what she loves. – Credit: Chelsey Knuth

Since Knuth is an avid waterskier, for a medium-scale trek, she recommends visiting Browns Lake in Burlington. Beachcombing, swimming, fishing, and yes, waterskiing (and more), are all possibilities at Browns Lake. There are plenty of options for dining as well. While you’re there, stay for the Aquaducks waterski show.

Looking for things to do?

River Bend Nature Center is another spot that Knuth recommends. Check out the following articles about things to do at River Bend Nature Center.

In addition to getting outside at River Bend Nature Center, check out these other activities happening throughout Racine County.

Connect with the Wisconsinista

Want to learn more about Wisconsin? Get connected with Knuth. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook. She encourages others to share their adventures with her by tagging #wisconsinista on your photos and videos.

Listen to her features on Discover Wisconsin’s podcast called The Cabin. She is featured on episode 89, “The Wisconsinista’s Fall Bucket List.” Likewise, Knuth was recently a guest speaker on Wisconsin Public Radio where she gave an inside look at social media and being an influencer.

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