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The construction industry is one of the leading industries in workplace fatalities. Worksites are busy places and accidents seem to be a part of the environment just as much as they are a part of human nature. But just because accidents seem like the norm doesn’t mean they should be. Site safety should be at the forefront of all companies’ and employee’s minds. If you want to create a safer environment for your employees or yourself, take a look at these tips for creating a safe construction job site. Keep errors and accidents at bay when you follow these steps!

Provide Adequate Training

Right off the bat, this is the first thing you can do to ensure a safe job site for your employees. There’s truly nothing else on this list that takes the place of providing adequate training for your workers. No matter how many signs you put up, if your employees don’t understand common phrases and terminology, they are bound to become hurt. And if not hurt, then something will go awry in the project. Make sure you take the time to provide workers with proper training.

Require Quality Personal Protective Equipment

When quality personal protective equipment is available, you significantly reduce the chances of major injuries or fatalities. In the most basic sense, when you require proper protective equipment it keeps safety at the forefront of employee minds. The more you make it a requirement for everyone to wear the correct safety equipment, the safer your site will seem as a whole. This equipment can include a wide range of items depending on the project, but pieces such as hard hats, safety glasses, and reflective vests are the norm.

Make Morning Meetings a Necessity

Solid communication is another aspect of a safe job site—morning meetings are an excellent way to set communication as a precedent right from the start. This should be a quick briefing that lets all workers know what you expect accomplished throughout the day. Further that discussion by pointing out critical safety concerns for the site, such as a noise level that would require safety earmuffs.

Keep it Clean

If you were to walk onto a dirty and disorganized construction job site, there’s a high chance of a safety hazard or two out there. An unclean and disorganized site does not prioritize orderliness, so make sure your site exudes cleanliness. Make sure your workers know that there should be daily clean up and that they should clean up any messes as soon as possible to keep from injuries.

Ensure the Proper Equipment and Signage

Our final tip is about what you allow your workers to use. To firmly create a culture centered around site safety, you need to give workers the proper equipment and an adequate work area with numerous signs for the job. Make sure everyone keeps the equipment well maintained—this can mean renting equipment instead of using old equipment. This can also mean purchasing entirely new equipment to keep industrial noise at a minimum. The more you plan out what your site regarding proper equipment, the sooner your site will have safety at the forefront of your company’s mind.

Denise Lockwood

Denise Lockwood

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.