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Name three long-term goals you have for the City and why you chose them.

Home Ownership/Affordable good housing. Employment. Education/Skill Trade
All 3 are essential to providing a more vibrant community to forward.

What are the three biggest challenges Racine faces, and how would you address them?

Underemployment/Unemployed. Transportation. Equity.
I have looked at what Visioning Greater Racine has researched and presented, which are a great way to achieve success.
We as a city can take from their research and implement those strategies to improve our city as a whole.

The City of Racine remains among the highest with its unemployment rate and 11,000 Racine residents don’t have a GED or high school diploma. How would you address that?

By promoting partnership with Gateway and Workforce Development to get people into the programs they need to achieve their GED, HSD  or HSED and/or promoting the pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship programs available to those to join the workforce.

How would you attract new businesses to Racine?

By making empty blight sites more appealing to investors.
Help existing small businesses to expand shows that the city is business friendly.
Streamlining the process for permits is underway and will be very beneficial to new business starting.

Why should people elect you?

I have served District 4 for the last two years with integrity and dedication. I have proven myself to be accessible and compassionate to the needs of the citizens and have helped them with their issues and concerns. And I will continue to be dedicated, accessible, responsive and responsible. I have always done my due diligence for the committees I am on and for the Common Council by reading committee reports and ask questions of departments to clarify items if needed BEFORE any committee meetings or Common Council meetings. I am looking forward to continuing to serve District 4 of the City of Racine.

Learn about Tracey Larrin’s challenger, Dennis Montey.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

Find your polling location here.

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