Two teenagers accused of shooting another boy last winter will go to trial separately by the end of the year.

Online court records indicate Lamont Koker, 17, and Naceir Mayes, 15, both of Racine, have jury trials scheduled to begin before the end of the year.

Koker’s last status conference was June 26. He will have a last pre-trial conference December 4, and his jury trial will get underway Dec. 15.

Mayes was last in court July 23 when a waiver to get his case moved to juvenile court was refused. Final motions were scheduled for October 9, but he also filed a pro se demand on August 3 for a speedy trial and then an extension on that demand August 12. Pro se means Mayes filed the demand on his own, but the August 12 record reflects his attorney’s involvement.

Koker and Mayes were charged as adults with 1st degree attempted intentional homicide for allegedly shooting a 17-year-old boy in the chest Jan. 21 after he got off a bus at the transit center on State Street.

According to their criminal complaints, Mayes admitted to police that he and Koker are members of a gang, and they had problems with the victim, who is a member of a rival gang on the other side of town. The defendants were both armed when they reportedly went to the bus station to confront the boy.

Police say during a brief verbal exchange, both Mayes and Koker fired, and it is unclear who fired the shot that hit the victim in the chest. The second shot grazed the arm of the boy’s sweatshirt.