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Mount Pleasant trustees Monday are expected to repeal an ordinance that will save the residents on Highway V thousands of dollars in upfront connection fees as part of the joint Caledonia and Mount Pleasant sewer and water project.

In a nutshell, village ordinance requires property owners to connect to a sanitary sewer line within a year of its installation. Current cost estimates for the new sanitary sewer between Highways C and 20 run about $51.50 per linear foot of frontage, so a home with 100 feet of frontage would pay $5,150 in connection charges.

Repealing that ordinance would then put sewer connections in the same league with some water project assessments; deferring payment until the property is sold, divided or transferred.

During the deferment, though, interest is added to the base cost and must be paid if the property is sold, divided or transferred.

The project was triggered by the Village of Caledonia’s intent to connect to the Highway 20 main as contracted in 2008 to provide sewer and water to its tax incremental financing district between Highway V and the east frontage road.

Opponents of the project say that because Caledonia is the developer – a fact not in dispute – then Caledonia should pay the associated costs.

Supporters of the project say land west of Highway V and north of Highway 20 is ripe for development, so the installation of necessary infrastructure is no different than when residents were assessed for sewer and water along Washington Avenue.

The village board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at Mount Pleasant Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Call (262) 664-7800.