Mount Pleasant trustees Monday are expected to approve three measures designed to move the Highway V sewer and water project forward.


Sewer and water is being run along Highway V from Caledonia down to Highway 20 in Mount Pleasant as part of a development plan for Caledonia in the immediate future and for Mount Pleasant in a few years. What was supposed to be closed system would not have cost the residents on Highway V anything, but village officials say installing a gravity system instead helps prepare for future commercial development in the area.

Having a gravity system means homeowners on Highway V would typically be required to hook up for both sewer and water, but Mount Pleasant trustees recently voted to change village ordinance that eliminates the requirement.

First, board members will vote on a resolution to declare their intent to implement a special assessment. Village Sanitary Sewer/Storm Water Utility Manager Tony Beyer told Racine County Eye in an email this the first step required in the assessment process.

“(The resolution) orders the Village’s consulting engineer to begin preparing preliminary assessment schedules prior to a future Public Hearing and/or other Board action but does not set them,” he explained.

Residents who live on Highway V are vehemently opposed to having sewer and water extended along the road because preliminary figures put some assessments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For property owners who might have to pay assessments in the low thousands, they say it’s still too much for a system they didn’t ask for and don’t need.

Next, trustees will consider awarding the contract for the construction of the gravity sewer from Washington Avenue north to Spring Street and water main along Highway V from Washington Avenue to the boundary between Mount Pleasant and Caledonia. Once trustees have the bid amount, the assessment schedule can be built.

“Preliminary assessment schedules will be prepared using the actual bid costs, and can be refined/finalized if necessary after the project is complete,” Beyer’s email continued.

Finally, board members will decide whether or not to award a contract to the Ruekert-Miekle engineering firm to provide construction oversight of “inspection, staking, contract management, etc.,” Beyer added.

The village board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Call (262) 664-7800.