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Sturtevant trustees Tuesday will talk more about their attempt to purchase six acres of land from the southern end of Waxdale, SC Johnson’s manufacturing plant in the village, and the company’s objection to the deal.

In a nutshell, Sturtevant officials want to buy the land in order to re-route Willow Road so it connects with what is now 84th Street, create a controlled intersection at the new Willow Road and Highway 11 and extend Willow Road further south so it connects with an existing road to create another north-south route through the village.

The price of the land depends on an appraisal, but estimates have put it at about $70,000.

The project is slated to commence next year in advance of the state Department of Transportation’s plan to widen Durand Avenue from 92nd Street to Highway 31. The project was proposed in part because the state’s plan includes lowering the Highway 11 roadway by about five feet under the railroad trestle, so maintaining a controlled intersection at Willow Road was deemed both unsafe and impractical, sources close to the project reminded Racine County Eye.

“The state is planning to lower Highway 11 at the viaduct and the current Willow Road by five feet, making it impractical to connect Willow Road in their estimation,” they said in an email on condition of anonymity. “It substantiates the limited sighting for traffic lights at that location and the inability for drivers to react in a timely manner.”

In a letter delivered to each board member earlier this month, company CEO Fisk Johnson accused village officials of not communicating with the company about the Willow Road relocation project and says Sturtevant filing for eminent domain earlier this month amounted to an act of aggression.

Village President Steve Jansen responded with a letter of his own, reminding Johnson that discussions have been taking place for years and that the eminent domain filing can be vacated at any time within 120 days should Johnson want to agree to a price for the land.

The continual committee begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Sturtevant Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.