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Mount Pleasant trustees Monday will address two issues related to the sewer and water project on Highway V – one of which applies to all village property owners – and vote on whether or not board members should be elected by numbered seats.

After Joint Park Director Jim Svoboda briefs trustees on how successful the return of Kraut Fest was, trustees will discuss an agreement for a water main extension on Highway V.

Approving the contract is both a formality and a necessary step in order for the sewer and water project to move forward. New utility pipes will deliver services to Caledonia for that village’s new tax incremental financing district so they can attract new commercial development.

Board members are expected to repeal Mount Pleasant’s sewer connection ordinance. The change will allow residents to defer connection and any special assessments for new sewer and water lines that run past their property until one of three things occurred: sale of the property; transfer of the property; or dividing the property. During the deferment, though, interest continues to accrue.

Also on the agenda is the possibility that trustees will agree to having their seats numbered while still serving at large. Currently, the top three vote-getters win two-year terms on the board and everyone serves at large.

Under the new proposal, seats would be numbered so residents who want to run for trustee can choose whom to run against. Trustees would not represent certain areas of the village, though, and would continue to serve at large.

The Mount Pleasant Village Board meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Call 9262) 664-7800.