RACINE – A Racine man and a Kenosha man remain in custody on separate charges of battery to law enforcement officer and recklessly endangering safety in connection with incidents on July 4.

Deston M. Davis, 29, of Racine, is charged by the Racine County District Attorney with battery to a law enforcement officer, two counts of attempted battery to a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct. All counts include a repeat offender enhancer. The battery charge carries a $10,00 fine and/or six years in prison. The attempted battery charges each carry a $5,000 fine and/or three years in prison.

Michael R. Moore, Jr., 29, of Kenosha, is charged by the District Attorney’s office with possession of a firearm by a felon and second degree recklessly endangering safety. The possession charge carries a repeat offender enhancer. If convicted, Moore could be fined $25,000 and sentenced to not more than ten years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, Racine Police responded to the 2600 block of 15th Street on a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, they found Davis and another man fighting in the Street. When officers intervened, one of the men was cooperative, but Davis was resistant. He continued to kick his legs and began punching and clawing an officer’s face. 

Police officers were finally able to control Davis, and while he was being escorted to a transport vehicle, he kicked the side of the car at least twice, the complaint stated. He also kicked one officer in the hip but did not cause injury because of the officer’s duty belt. He then kicked a second officer in the groin, causing injury.

Davis remains in the Racine County Jail on Wednesday. 

While police were breaking up the fight involving Davis, Moore drove slowly past officers in a red Chevrolet Malibu that matched the description given to dispatch of a man firing a gun, according to the complaint. Police had been told by witnesses that a man fired a weapon from the red Malibu, placed the weapon inside a Honda CRV parked nearby, and got back inside the Malibu. Two 9-mm. Lugar casings were found in the Street.

Police stopped Moore in the Malibu. A box of 9-mm Luger ammunition was found in the vehicle’s trunk. The Honda CRV was also searched where police found a handgun under the front passenger seat and the magazine for a semi-automatic pistol in the center console.

Moore remains in the Racine County Jail on Wednesday.

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