A Waterford man was supposed to fix a truck, according to court records, but when he never did, the owner called for help, leading to five criminal charges.

Derek Garrels, 24, is charged with obstructing an offier and four counts of misdmeanor bail jumping after the truck’s owner called law enforcement saying he wanted to come get the vehicle, but hadn’t been able to reach Garrels.

Garrels was on bond for three traffic cases from Milwaukee and Waukesha counties when this incident took place.

The truck’s owner reported the difficult on Sept. 24, saying he had given the truck to Garrels to make repairs, but hadn’t been able to get it back. The man said he no longer wanted Garrels to work on the truck.

Garrels told deputies he was at work but the truck was in his garage and could be picked up. He then called back and said he was lying and the vehicle had actually broken down in Janesville.

When a deputy went to Garrels’ home to talk with someone about getting the truck, Garrels answered the door. He was arrested because deputies were unable to figure out if Garrels was telling the truth about the vehicle or his whereabouts