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The anti-Muslim rally planned Oct. 10 in front of the Muslim Center of Racine has been canceled.

An automatic Facebook went out to invitees shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday that the event was canceled.

Racine County Eye reached out to several individuals involved with the rally about why they canceled the event, but no one seemed to know why the rally was disbanded or if it was being rescheduled.

A story published Saturday invited swift response from readers on the RCE Facebook page, most of whom expressed disbelief and anger that the rally had even been planned.

Unbelievable! And people wonder why we have mass shootings. Stop teaching hate!” Chris Henken wrote.

Jamie Meier Mattek agreed.

“How awful! Live and let live! What is wrong with this world! My heart breaks for the future!” she posted.

CBS News reported Sunday that the Council for Islamic-American Relations issued warnings to mosques across the country about extra safety precautions. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council, told CBS he monitors hate groups, but the rhetoric surrounding the rallies is particularly concerning.

“At first we didn’t want to take it public but at some level you have to warn the community about these potentially violent hate rallies,” he is quoted as saying.

Racine County Eye will update this story after we hear from the Muslim Center of Racine and the Racine Police Department.

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