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The following students were named to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Dean’s List for the 2019 spring semester.

Burlington, WI: Eric Behnke

Burlington, WI: Taylor Borchardt

Burlington, WI: Lily Brossard

Burlington, WI: Zach Campbell

Burlington, WI: Collin Chart

Burlington, WI: Robert Ebbers

Burlington, WI: Samantha Edmonds

Burlington, WI: Maisie Finnegan

Burlington, WI: Anna Finnemore

Burlington, WI: Trevor Fischer

Burlington, WI: Matthew Fox

Burlington, WI: Cassandra Grams

Burlington, WI: Anna Hackbarth

Burlington, WI: Madelyne Harry

Burlington, WI: Aidan King

Burlington, WI: Danielle Koenen

Burlington, WI: Abby Kolczaski

Burlington, WI: Graeme Langley

Burlington, WI: Shannan Lojeski

Burlington, WI: Brianna Martin

Waterford, WI: Emily Martinsen

Burlington, WI: Victoria Miller

Burlington, WI: Andy Nickel

Burlington, WI: Justin Paasch

Burlington, WI: Lauren Pesick

Burlington, WI: Dustin Peterson

Burlington, WI: Dylan Peterson

Burlington, WI: Aryel Plomb

Burlington, WI: Savannah Schmidt

Burlington, WI: Alexandria Schroeder

Burlington, WI: Nikki Smith

Burlington, WI: Jessica Sponholtz

Burlington, WI: Aaron Sturdevant

Burlington, WI: Bryan Sturdevant

Burlington, WI: Haley Taylor

Burlington, WI: Charles Trafelet

Burlington, WI: Michael Trocke

Burlington, WI: Hannah Uhen

Burlington, WI: Michael Wasmund

Burlington, WI: Andrew Weis

Burlington, WI: Quinn Wiley

Caledonia, WI: Nicole Scarce

Caledonia, WI: Danielle Vincent

Franksville, WI: Michael Brown

Franksville, WI: Stephanie Clausing

Franksville, WI: Lauren Gresk

Kansasville, WI: Justin Brust

Mount Pleasant, WI: Jess Hatch

Mount Pleasant, WI: Trevor Johnson

Mount Pleasant, WI: Jessica McKenzie

Mount Pleasant, WI: Justin Norris

Union Grove, WI: Alyssa Olson

Mount Pleasant, WI: Catherine Perrault

Mount Pleasant, WI: Megan Taleck

Mount Pleasant, WI: Mason Wagner

Mount Pleasant, WI: Kara Zamora

Mount Pleasant, WI: Claire Zebrowski

Racine, WI: Kelly Alicea

Racine, WI: Thomas Appleton

Racine, WI: Eric Barrientez

Racine, WI: Sara Bieneman

Racine, WI: Sydney Bryant

Racine, WI: Emily Caya

Racine, WI: Heather Celmer

Racine, WI: Abigail Chiapete

Racine, WI: Kayla DeRosia

Racine, WI: Adela Diaz

Racine, WI: Samuel Dikanovic

Racine, WI: Ti Gaede

Racine, WI: Arthur Gasca

Racine, WI: Zach Gerber

Racine, WI: Erika Hauser-Smetana

Racine, WI: Kyle Herring

Racine, WI: Clara Madley

Racine, WI: Ajha McMillian

Racine, WI: Caitlin Mertins

Racine, WI: Liz Nelson

Racine, WI: Elizabeth Overstreet

Racine, WI: Andrew Patterson

Racine, WI: Kevin Peralta

Racine, WI: Alexander Piehler

Racine, WI: Julia Rosenquist-Rodriguez

Racine, WI: Patrick Schell

Racine, WI: Brant Schwartz

Racine, WI: Linda Schwefel

Racine, WI: Steven Simanek

Racine, WI: Anna Thompson

Racine, WI: Corbyn Thornton

Racine, WI: Allyson Weisbrod

Racine, WI: Eryn Weisbrod

Rochester, WI: Adrianna White

Sturtevant, WI: Brittany Christman

Sturtevant, WI: Daniel Garner

Sturtevant, WI: Ryan Powers

Sturtevant, WI: Daniel Vlach

Union Grove, WI: Leah Blasczyk

Union Grove, WI: Zachary Knudtson

Union Grove, WI: Kyle Krause

Union Grove, WI: Amanda Moran

Union Grove, WI: Daren Moran

Union Grove, WI: Blake Sorenson

Waterford, WI: Matt Borchardt

Waterford, WI: Kayla Brandenburg

Waterford, WI: Emma Davis

Waterford, WI: Erik Dexter

Waterford, WI: Megan Esch

Waterford, WI: Elliot Filipiak

Waterford, WI: Mackenzie Fry

Waterford, WI: Abbie Hammer

Waterford, WI: Rachel Hassmann

Waterford, WI: Adam Hauke

Waterford, WI: Alexander Hauler

Waterford, WI: Emily Human

Waterford, WI: Marissa Kohler

Waterford, WI: Cody Lang

Waterford, WI: Richie LePine

Waterford, WI: Alex Modrak

Waterford, WI: Luke Piccione

Waterford, WI: Matthew Puetz

Waterford, WI: Jessica Rawski

Waterford, WI: Jennifer Rayeske

Waterford, WI: Jenna Ritzman

Waterford, WI: Trent Rudebeck

Waterford, WI: Emily Ruszkiewicz

Waterford, WI: Jamie Schneider

Waterford, WI: Ben Schroeder

Waterford, WI: Kimberly Schwartz

Waterford, WI: Lucy Sebranek

Waterford, WI: Drew Selz

Waterford, WI: Ryan Shervey

Waterford, WI: Laura Vacek

Waterford, WI: Rebecca Weber

Waterford, WI: Amanda Whitford

Waterford, WI: Lauren Whitman

These students have demonstrated their academic abilities by receiving a grade point average of 3.4 or above in a single semester.

“We’re proud to congratulate all those hardworking students who earned Dean’s List recognition for the spring semester,” said interim Provost Greg Cook. “UW-Whitewater is a university that strives for excellence, and these students have embraced that mindset. Their placement on the Dean’s List is a reflection of their strong record of academic achievement in classrooms, laboratories and out in the field.”

The Registrar’s Office reports 3,085 students were selected for the Dean’s List for the spring semester. About 13,000 students are currently enrolled at the university’s Whitewater and Rock County campuses.