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Starting today, Wisconsin Medicaid will be partnering with Veyo to arrange rides for non-emergency medical transportation, otherwise known as NEMT. Members who are eligible to receive this benefit will not have to do anything different when arranging for rides. Providers who request rides for their patients will also follow the same protocol. The phone number, (866) 907-1493, remains the same.

Any ride-specific questions will be directed to Veyo. If you have a NEMT question, you can email

From the Forward Health newsletter, “Update”:

• A dedicated NEMT management unit will be available to support rides related to critical appointments (such as dialysis, cancer treatments, hospital services, or dental emergencies).
• If a member calls Veyo to request a ride, and that request is denied, members will have the option of requesting an immediate third-party review of that denied request.
• There will be additional call center standards aimed at improving member experience, including faster call response during peak hours.

Members will be able to access, a mobile-friendly portal, for managing and scheduling rides to one of their last five destinations. This portal also allows members to request pickup for their ride home after an appointment, to view the real-time location of their ride, and, if available, to view driver photos and vehicle information.

Note: This change in transportation managers will not affect emergency transportation services under Wisconsin Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus. Claim submission and reimbursement for emergency transportation by ambulance is not changing.

For patients who have a valid NEMT form already submitted with MTM that has not expired, Veyo will receive that form, and nothing more will need to be done. However, if patient forms do not have an expiration date, Veyo requires providers to submit an updated form no later than January 31, 2022.

Forms included:
• Attendant/Escort Medically Necessary Form
• Distance Verification Form
• Level of Need Form

For more information, please visit Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ NEMT page.