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Caddy Vista Elementary School met the wrecking crane Friday.

This video was posted Friday on a Facebook page set up for former Caddy Vista students and their families.

“I always thought it was sad when I was with someone and we would pass somewhere where they used to go to school,but it was now gone. Now,that’s us,” Julie Drapac posted.

The school has been empty since 1988 and has served primarily as a storage facility since. Racine Unified school board members voted earlier this year to allocate funds to demolish the building as well as perform site excavation, asbestos abatement and site restoration.

Upgrading the school to make it habitable for students again would have proven too costly, board President Melvin Hargrove said.

Caddy Vista was built in 1956, and various new sections were added in the 1960s and 1970s. Former students and their families were allowed back inside for a final visit last month.