If all goes according to plan, bikers, hikers, walkers and strollers in 2017 will be able to enjoy the Pike River Pathway from Old Spring Street clear down to Highway KR.

Planning for the final, 1-1/2 mile leg of the original multi-year plan is underway, and construction is expected to complete in 2017, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Currently, the path runs to Highway 11, coming down Oakes Road to the south side of Washington Avenue, along the frontage at J.I. Case High School and south behind the school. A bridge across the Waxdale Creek last winter extended the pathway south to the Racine County bike path and to Highway 11.

Limited parking is available at the head of the pathway at Old Spring Street, just west of Stuart Road.

When the pathway is completed, it will run for about 10 miles.