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Only incumbents so far in the villages of Caledonia, Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant have taken out nomination papers for the April 2015 general election.

Interested candidates have until 5 p.m. January 6, 2015 to turn in their nomination packets, which include the necessary number of signatures and a declaration of candidacy form.

Mount Pleasant Village Clerk Stephanie Kohlhagen said there is no deadline to take out papers so if someone thinks they can gather the 20 signatures needed to run for a seat on the village board in just a matter of days, she has packets available.

“There is no deadline to pick up packets, but I would think you’d need some time to fill out the forms and talk with people for signatures,” she said.

Anyone interested in running for their respective village board can pick up nomination packets from their village hall.

We will update this story if additional residents take out nomination papers, but, for now, here’s who’s running in each of the villages:

Caledonia – Seats are numbered, but trustees serve at large

Village President Bob Bradley
Village Board Trustee No. 1 David A. Prott
Village Board Trustee No. 3 Kevin Wanggaard
Village Board Trustee No. 5 Jim Dobbs
Village Clerk Karie Torkilsen

Mount Pleasant – all trustees serve at large

Village President Mark Gleason
Village Board Trustee David DeGroot
Village Board Trustee Sonny Havn
Village Board Trustee John Hewitt

Sturtevant – all trustees serve at large

Village President Steve Jansen
Village Board Trustee John Johnson
Village Board Trustee Chris Larsen
Village Board Trustee Chris Wright