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The Village of Mount Pleasant unveiled its new website this week with little more than a short announcement on the village Facebook page:

“The NEW Mount Pleasant website is now live! Check it out:

Rees Roberts, village resident and member of the Technology Committee, said that unlike the previous version which was designed and run by the county, this site was designed, built and will be maintained by village staff.

“Logan Martin designed the look and feel of (the site), and departments will be able to update their own pages,” he said.

Martin is the community development coordinator for Mount Pleasant, and he said IT staffers handled the overall coordination while his role was more about design continuity between department pages.

Residents should also find the new site much easier to navigate to the areas in which they’re interested, Roberts added.

“The new site is easier to navigate and accommodates registration for park and room usage,” he explained. “Audio recordings will be made available as well for not only the board meetings but all committees.”

More, meeting minutes will be uploaded after approval, giving citizens options for keeping up with activities throughout the village when they can’t attend meetings.

Martin said this is a primary reason Mount Pleasant needed a new site designed and maintained by village staff.

“The site we had with the county was better than the previous (version), but the key thing about this is site is that it can be updated immediately as needed by us,” he said. “The availability of minutes and audio recordings is a definite plus and what we envisioned a few years ago.”