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Now that trustees in Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant have reached an intergovernmental agreement that essentially trades sewer and water for land, at least one proposed development will move forward.

Village leaders met for just over an hour Wednesday in closed session to hammer out “an agreement in principle” that transfers 3 parcels totaling 66 acres to Sturtevant. In exchange, Sturtevant will extend sewer and water to property just west of UNFI on Durand Avenue.

Both boards voted unanimously to approve the big-picture details of the agreement and for their respective administrators to work out the specifics.

Two developments are on the table and would bring a significant number of new jobs to the area if seen through to completion:

  • Ashley Capital already owns 2 of the 3 parcels that will move into Sturtevant. They plan to buy the final property and bring in a 400,000 square foot development with hundreds of new jobs. County Executive Jim Ladwig confirmed this project would move forward first.
  • Ray Leffler and his partners at Reesman Excavating hope to receive an extension on an option to buy the Fonk property just west of UNFI on Durand Avenue. This is the property to which sewer and water would be extended under the terms of the intergovernmental agreement. If Leffler et al are granted the extension, they hope to lure back from Kenosha a developer who wants to build a 660,000 square foot building and “lots of jobs,” Leffler said last week.

Mount Pleasant Trustee Gary Feest said after the meeting that the agreement is definitely a win-win for both communities. Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen agreed.

“We’re ready to move forward and get over the hump,” he said. “This is a win-win that everyone can feel good about taking back to residents.”


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