Nonprofit Mission and Vision Statements

As an advocate for promoting the value of volunteerism, the Volunteer Center of Racine County brings volunteers together with community organizations. The Volunteer Center works as a leader in our community that mobilizes people of all ages and backgrounds to volunteer by investing their resources of time and talent to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of those served. In connecting people and resources with
the needs and services in our community, the Volunteer Center works as a catalyst for responding to community needs by creating, developing, implementing and supporting volunteer opportunities.

Please provide a paragraph or so about what your organization does in the community. Include any recent achievements, projects, and goals.

Not only do we offer in house programs for volunteers to join – we are the only Wisconsin affiliate of the Youth Volunteer Corps for instance, and we host the federal RSVP program that has several signature programs such as MyRide and SkillBank under its umbrella – but we connect volunteers with opportunities for everyone in Racine County. We have approximately 350
agencies listed on our website who regularly post opportunities, and over 5800 volunteers signed up, and we actively advertise new opportunities, events and non-profit efforts throughout the county. We value and advocate for volunteers and volunteerism.

What would you like the general public to know about your organization and ways they can help/support you?

Sign up! Go to our website and sign up for activities that interest you, give back to our community, and increase our human capital.