Racine Rotary Founders

Post Prom 2021

A photo essay by Rob Kight for  Racine County Eye

Keep calm and think prom."

Why is the Racine Rotary post prom a big deal?

The community came together after a traggic car crash following a prom. They wanted a safe space.

1. Getting ready

2. It's time to go

3. In the spotlight

4. Prom court

Preparing for the big night.

Revving up those rides.

Glamour on the red carpet.

Oh what a magical night.

Get ready

The hair, the makeup, the shoes and of course... the dress. 

The ride

Racine Prom nights start with a motorcade, red capet and of course a spotlight.  That's how Racine County does prom.

In the spotlight

There's a flair for fashion that emerges during prom. Teens take on the rituals of dressing like adults. It's a right of passage.

Daniel Sanchez

Niko Simic


NO. 3



Check out the prom court.

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