What do you call a group of wild turkeys? A rafter. Where can you find a rafter of wild turkeys? Caledonia. And these guys are gettin’ outta dodge.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, these wild turkeys are crossing the road to get to the other side and probably doing so because they don’t want to be dinner on your Thanksgiving table.

Caledonia resident Lisa Bell took this video of the fleeing turkeys on Seven Mile Road west of Highway 38.

Can we pardon them please?

Wild Turkeys aside…

Here are few facts about the turkeys that will end up on your table.

3,500: The number of feathers on a turkey.

86 pounds: The weight of the heaviest turkey.

46 million: The number of turkeys that will be served on Thanksgiving Day.

15.6 pounds: The estimated amount of turkey Americans eat each year, an amount that has declined by 2 pounds since 2008.

18 weeks: The amount of time it takes a turkey to grow to maturity. And that’s when most are slaughtered. (Turkeys younger than 8 months can be labeled “young.”)




Source: Consumer Reports and HolidayInsights.com



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