Wildlife is an essential part of the eco-system, and they have their place on mother earth. However, wildlife poses health threats and physical danger when they come inside your home. In the summer season, these animals increasingly find their way into our homes.

If you suspect that animals are living on roofs, walls, or any other place in your home, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible before they become a real nuisance. Read on for practical tips on how to get rid of animals lurking in your home.

How To Tell That You Have Animals Living In Your Home

Even if you can’t see them, there are usually tell-tale signs of animals lurking around in your home. Some of these include:

  • Noises in the wall/Roof: If you hear constant scratching in your walls and on the roof, most likely you’ve got wild animals in your home. Noises in the walls/roof are common signs that your home has been invaded. To confirm your fears, you should look for the source of the noise and other indications that animals have turned into their habitat.
  • Animal Droppings: Once you can confirm the noises, the next tell-tale sign to look for is droppings. If animals like rats and bats have set up camp in your home, you’ll find their droppings. Look around hidden places and check your attic, they’re usually hiding places for bats and other wild animals. Visit here for more bat removal information available at
  • Animal Sightings: If you have seen wildlife and pests around, there’s a high chance that they’re not alone. Some may have decided to set up camp in your home, especially if there’s food around and places to hide.
  • Smell: Most wildlife and pests usually leave a nasty smell wherever they set up. If you notice an unexplainable awful smell around the house, it can be a sign that you have animals lurking in your home.
  • Ruffled Trash Cans: Another sign to watch out for is scattered trash cans and signs of chewing. Waking up to find the contents of your garbage bin scattered with signs of chewing is a definite indication that wild animals are lurking around your house, most likely for food.

Six Practical Tips to Get Rid of Animals Lurking Around Your Home

  1. Call Wildlife Control

The best way to remove wildlife is to call wildlife control. You shouldn’t try to remove wildlife from your home as you can harm yourself in the process. Instead, leave the work of wildlife removal to experts like That way, you can get a trained professional that can assess the situation and decide the best approach for removal.

Besides, involving a professional helps you develop a prevention plan to keep wildlife out permanently. They also ensure that the animals are removed humanely and released back in the wild or taken to animal shelter homes.

2. Practice Proper Waste Disposal

Practicing proper waste disposal systems is a subtle way to prevent wildlife from taking up residence in your home and encouraging the ones lurking around to leave. The primary source of food for wildlife in your home is your trashcan and your pet’s food lying around.

By removing their food source, you can reduce wildlife sightings and discourage them from lurking around your home.

Make sure you dispose of all waste properly in tightly closed cans so that animals can’t open or cut their way through. You can also try placing weights on the cans to prevent animals from removing the lid.

3. Avoid Stacking Firewood or Piles of Leaves Close to The House

Stacks of firewood and piles of leaves are common areas where wildlife such as snakes and scorpions start living. These places are usually cold during the day, so they stay hidden during the day and roam at night.

Therefore, you should avoid storing firewood or leaving piles of leaves close to the house. Keep a distance of at least 20 feet between the stack of firewood and your home. Even when storing outside your home, always make sure you place something on the ground before putting the wood. This will ensure that there’s no hiding place for wildlife to stay.

4. Trim The Bushes and Overhanging Trees and Vines Around Your Home

Allowing the bush around to grow without any control is an invitation to wild animals. Don’t be
surprised when they start showing up and hiding in the bushes. To get rid of wildlife lurking
around your home, cut the bush surrounding your home, and keep the environment clean and

Also, trim the trees and vines touching your roof as animals can easily use these as entry points
to your home.

5. Examine Your Home and Seal All Possible Entry Points

Sealing possible entry points can help you get rid of unwanted animal visitors or prevent them from entering your home. You can hire professionals to check your home for entry points and seal them properly and thoroughly.

Don’t forget to examine your roof, attic, and pipes as these places are common entry points for raccoons and bats. Keeping them open will provide easy access for animals to enter your home.

6. Install a Fence

Building a formidable fence can provide an effective barrier between wildlife and your home. Consider installing a fence if you don’t have one. Also, the barrier must be high, secure, and strong enough to prevent animals from burrowing under or jumping over the fence.


There are several ways to get rid of animals living in your home. You can try sealing entry points, clearing bushes and trimming trees around your home, installing a fence, and removing the source of food from your home. If you try all of this and animals keep showing up, then it’s time to call a professional wildlife removal service. Doing this will ensure the removal of wildlife and help to make future invasions unlikely.

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