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Racine – The City of Racine Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department (PRCS) announces the results of the Lake F/X Games held on Saturday, July 27th, at the Pershing Park B3 Skate Park.

Placing in the Scooter-ama Competition:

Beginner & Intermediate Combined Division

1st place – Thomas Williams

2nd place – Blake Zienty

3rd place – Steel Falaschi

4th place – Brody Ervin

Expert Division

1st place – Blake Berry

2nd place – Joe Flowers

3rd place – Tanner Jurinek

4th place – Arik K.

Highest Air

1st place – Joe Flowers

2nd place – Blake Berry

3rd place – Tanner Jurinek

4th place – Gio Borlo

Best Trick

1st place – Blake Berry

2nd place – Tanner Jurinek

3rd place – Steel Falaschi

4th place – Blake Zienty

Placing in the Lake F/X Skateboard Competition:

1st place – Cody Listrom

2nd place – Lucas Thelen

3rd place – Cody Becker

4th place – Erik Zinke

Best Trick

1st place – Cody Becker

2nd place – Lucas Thelen

3rd place – Erik Zinke

4th place – Cody Listrom

Placing in the BM-X-Treme Bike Competition:


1st place – Brody Ervin

2nd place – Steel Falaschi

3rd place – Isaiah Giron

4th place – Gavyn Williskl


1st place – Conner Reber

2nd place – Tyler Bohn

3rd place – Tylor M.

4th place – Adam Grabber


1st place – Jared Weidower

2nd place – Austin Uiban

3rd place – Anthony Cofen

4th place – Dawson Stork

If you have any questions, please contact the PRCS office: 262-636-9131.