Owners of hybrid vehicles will get hit with a new $75 annual fee. (Scott Anderson, Patch Staff )

MILWAUKEE, WI — Some Wisconsin motorists are going to have to pay more in order to keep their cars on the road after lawmakers approved higher fees as part of the state budget that was passed earlier this year.

Starting on Oct. 1, the registration fee for a typical vehicle will increase from $75 to $85. People who buy new vehicles will be the hardest hit, though. That’s because new vehicle title fees will increase from $69.50 to $164.50.

Owners of hybrid vehicles will get hit with a new $75 annual fee.

Registration fees for trucks weighing 4,500 pounds or more will increase from $75 to $100.

A person who needs to transfer a vehicle title following the death of a spouse or domestic partner will see a transfer fee increase from $62 to $157.

Titles for low-speed vehicles will also increase from $62 to $157 under the new fee structure.

If your annual registrations expire on Sep. 29 or earlier, you’ll avoid the increased fees, officials said.

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