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A 10-year-old agreement between the Menominee Tribe and the United Food and Commercial Workers local has been dissolved amicably, and the Menominee hope that puts their proposed Kenosha casino in a more favorable light with Gov. Scott Walker.

Put in place in 2004, the agreement would have allowed workers at the new casino to form a union by signing cards instead of holding elections, referred to as a “card check,” according to a story in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Gary Besaw, chairman of the Menominee Kenosha Gaming Authority, told the newspaper he hopes the move improves the chances for the project moving forward.

“We believe this is one more potential impediment removed,” he is quoted as saying.

The dissolution was mutually agreed by the tribe, the union and the Menominee Kenosha Gaming Authority so casino employees who want to form a union will have to do so through elections, the story continues.

Walker said he would make his decision by Feb. The project was approved by the Department of the Interior in August 2013, but Walker said he would only give his okay if the new casino had the support of the community, didn’t increase net gambling in the state and the remaining Wisconsin tribes also approved.

In a story that ran last November, a full 84 percent of Racine County Eye readers who participated in our poll said the governor should approve the new casino. Racine and Kenosha county leaders have been pushing for an approval in part because of the thousands of jobs – both directly and indirectly – that would be created.