Several different groups of witnesses called police Sunday night to report Zachary Skeen was abusing a woman with whom he was in a car.

The first report came about 10 p.m., when people in the 3800 block of Douglas Avenue said they saw a car come to a sudden stop with a grinding noise. A man got out of the passenger side, walked around to the driver’s side, and threw the female drive to the ground. The man then got into the car and drove off, returning when he noticed people on their cell phones.

The witnesses told police he threw the woman in the car, and then drove away again.

A short time later, police were sent to the area around the intersection of Sixth Street and North Memorial Drive, for a report that a man had gotten a large wrench out of the back of the same car and was threatening the woman with it.

When police caught up with the woman at her south side residence, they placed Skeen in custody.

The woman said Skeen was upset because she embarrassed him by throwing her keys at him when he said it was time to leave a friend’s Caledonia home. As they drove back to Racine, she said, he checked her phone, yelled at her, punched her in the head, and tried throwing the vehicle into park while she was driving.

She recounted the incident on Douglas, and the one at Sixth and Memorial, saying there he tried to steal her purse and that he pushed her to the ground. The woman said she was yelling for help during the incident on Memorial, and that as they drove off after that, he was making comments that caused her to believe he was going to crash.

She had scratches and scrapes, and blood on one of her ears.

Inside the car, police found suspected marijuana in a prescription bottle and what appeared to be a marijuana pipe.

Skeen was charged Monday with false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct while armed, possession of marijuana and attempted theft.

He is in custody on a $15,000 cash bond.