A Racine woman appeared in court on a three-year-old robbery charge, after her arrest on unrelated charges, and the outstanding warrant.

Talisha L. Lynch, 30, also known as Charmaine Lynch and Mia Odders, is charged with robbery and felony intimidation of a victim. If convicted,  she could be sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

In June 2013, police were called to Cricket Wireless, 1639 Douglas Ave., for a robbery that had just taken place there. The store manager told police that he had been helping a customer – Lynch – when two men came into the store.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the men put him in a choke hold while the other tried getting money out of the register. They also took $1,500 in cash from his pockets.

The store owner told police he saw the men – and his customer – run toward a car outside. He said he had showed her a wad of cash the day before, when she came in and had been flirting with him, saying “you need a man like this.”

The store owner said he believed Lynch set up the robbery because the men knew he had cash in his pockets.

Fingerprints helped police identify suspects, including Craig Chothen, Lynch’s brother.

The store owner later told police that Lynch contacted him and threatened to have him killed if he didn’t change his statement to take her name out.

She also appeared on charges of battery, bail jumping and disorderly conduct for a December incident in Mount Pleasant. She is accused of striking her mother during an argument.