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A Racine woman is charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a deputy came to check on a vehicle parked in Yorkville that had a man sleeping in the front seat during Saturday’s snowstorm.

The deputy found a man asleep in the front passenger seat, with a woman in the driver’s seat. The deputy knocked on a window, looking to check in, and the woman rolled down the window to say “they were okay but just chilling.” The woman, Alexandra Ray Moreno, appeared in Racine County Circuit Court on the charges and is in custody on a $500 cash bond.

When the window rolled down, the deputy reported that he could smell marijuana, and that she had her pants undone and unzipped. She said she was feeling “bloated” after having eaten fast food, but the deputy observed materials in the car that appeared related to sex.

The deputy also saw a jar that contained suspected marijuana, a marijuana joint and a digital scale.

Moreno said the scale was not hers, but that she owned the marijuana.