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A Madison woman was sentenced to three years probation on Tuesday, July 14 after she hacked into her ex-boyfriend’s email, and used nude photos from that account to “cause emotional distress” to him and his two ex-girlfriends, according to Wisconsin Circuit Court records.

Phoebe Sayavong, 25, of Madison, pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing recordings of nudity, and misappropriating information to harm someone’s reputation during a plea hearing Monday, April 13 in Racine County Judge John Jude’s courtroom.

Jude also sentenced  Sayavong to a one-year prison sentence with credit for time served, which is stayed unless she violates the conditions of her probation. The conditions include paying a total of $1,000 to the three victims, not contacting the victims either directly or indirectly through social media or referring to them on social media, and writing a letter of apology. Jude also ordered Sayavong to go to counseling, take all prescribed medications, not drink alcohol and keep a full-time job.

If Sayavong complies with all the conditions of her probation, she can petition the court to expunge her record of the possess/distribute recording of nudity.

According to the criminal complaint, Sayavong hacked into her ex-boyfriend’s account, distributed nude photos of his ex-girlfriends, created fake Facebook accounts in their names, and posted their photos online. She also dumped garbage on his lawn and vandalized his car.

Sayavong was originally charged in October 2013 with: three counts of misappropriating ID information to harm a reputation, one count of stalking, one count of second degree recklessly endangering safety, and one count of possessing/distributing a recording of nudity.



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